Who/what are Bees and/or Beans?
The name Bees & Beans acknowledges the most basic sources of my products.  The Bee makes honey and pollinates our local farms, and the cacao Bean is transformed into assertive dark chocolate.  These candy bars are ingredient driven so the name is too.  Plus, it’s fun to say.

How long does a Bees & Beans candy bar stay fresh?
These candy bars are crafted in small batches with no preservatives with the intent that they will be eaten within 8 weeks.  Each bar is marked with a “best by” date on the back of the package.  The freshness and purity of taste will prove it is worth the hurry.

Why is my candy bar’s texture different than the last time?

Think of these bars as a record of time and place.  Honey changes harvest to harvest based on the forage of the bees (place) which is reflected in flavor and occasional differences during processing.  The weather of the day (time) also affects the consistency of the finished product, with a firmer set during dry weather and  a softer set during rainy times.

Are they bad for me?
I try to incorporate food value into anything I make.  I use 70% dark chocolate, nuts, berries, coffee, and honey, all of which have excellent health benefits.  No corn syrup, GMO ingredients, or preservatives are used. Yes, they are sweet and salty and chewy and taste amazing, but isn’t that a good thing?

Aren’t they kind of expensive?
For a candy bar, a Bees & Beans bar is expensive.  Lucky for us all, this is not an ordinary candy bar.  My intent with these confections is to apply artisan technique to an everyday (okay, weekly) product.  Each bar is crafted by hand with whole and fresh ingredients of high quality.

Are they gluten-free?
The Coffee bar, the Mint bar, Pate de Fruit, Taffy, Marshmallows, Caramels, and the Honey Bar Jr. do not contain gluten. However, the Bees & Beans kitchen does use gluten containing products which could be present in trace amounts.  There is gluten in the small amount of dried barley malt in the ‘Bert and Honey Bar Reserve.

Return policy

We hope that you enjoy  your candy bars and that your are happy with your purchase.  If there is a problem with your order, please e-mail: beesandbeans@icloud.com with your issue as well as a picture of the problem and will will get it fixed as soon as possible.

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