Coffee barIngredients have been chosen to represent the Northwest and the philosophies of the company.  I choose quality, locality, and sustainability over price believing that it creates a stronger economy in the long run.  I select ingredients not only for their compatibility with confection, but also to capture my specific geographic place through the candy bars.


Theo 85% Orgainc.  Artisan, handmade chocolate from Seattle, Washington

E.Guittard 64%.  5th generation chocolate makers from Burlingame, California

Theo 70% and 45% chocolate.  Organic, Fair trade, independent  bean to bar company from Seattle, Washington.
Scharffenberger 70% chocolate.  Bean to bar domestic chocolate company.

Oregon Growers and Shippers from Hood River, Oregon

Cellar Door from Portland, Oregon

Oregon filberts, Freddy Guys Hazelnuts
Oregon walnuts

Oregon raspberries
Sunset Valley Organics dried blueberries and dried strawberries from Corvallis, Oregon

Organic valley

Larsen’s Creamery


Jacobsen Oregon sea salt

Fleur de sel, Guatemala

Mint oil

Lochmead farms, Junction City, Oregon

Wild ingredients

Foraged by Faith from the forests of Oregon and Alaska

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